My Workbench Paul Budzik

I do all my airbrushing in the shop portion of my garage where ventilation is not a problem.  This is especially important for me because I use a lot of lacquer primer and thinners.  My air supply is a large shop compressor that feeds a three outlet manifold.  The manifold is built up from standard pipe fittings and has a separate pressure gauge for each outlet.  The air enters the manifold through a large filter insuring clean air supply.

I use several different airbrushes and miniature spray guns depending on the material, size of the model, as well as the style of painting.  I have created a separate web page devoted to airbrushes (Airbrushing for Modelers 101) as well as an entire series of videos beginning with the one below.

Airbrush Manifold and Filter
Airbrushing for Modlers 101 Paul Budzik

Most of the time, miniature machines are supplied in a very basic form.  Frequently, it is helpful to modify these machines to improve their functionality.  My vertical mill, Fig. 1, is a case in point.  Here, I have used the head of an original Unimat SL mounted on the base of a full sized bench drill press.  A rotary milling table serves as the bed.  The end result is an extremely rigid setup.  Note that a dial indicator has been mounted on the head.  Most of my turning is done with the Unimat 3 pictured in Figure 2.  I have positioned a Unimat SL behind the Unimat 3.  The head of the rear Unimat SL is mounted on the Unimat post affixed to the cross slide.  This arrangement of machines allows me to mill and drill on center.  I use a spare Unimat SL for turning aluminum and plastic, Fig. 3.

Unimat Machine tools Paul Budzik Lathe Mill