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I am a practicing dentist who has maintained a life-long interest in scale modeling. One of my goals has been to try to “push the envelope”, blend precision engineering with art, and raise the standards of fine scale modeling. To this end, I have written a number of “how to” articles describing the techniques that I use.  I would like to think that these articles might provide some inspiration for other modelers who will continue to improve and innovate, thus completing the circle.

Years ago, in a conversation with Bob Hayden who, at that time, was the editor of FineScale Modeler magazine, I stated that, “I would be happy if I could write a modeling book that remained in print as long as some of Lynn Westcott's model railroading books. His succinct answer was, “good luck.” While I haven’t succeeded in creating an enduring book, I have found that a number of my past magazine articles continue to be cited. So I have created this site to archive some of the many, long out of print, articles that I have written as well as new articles that I will add as time allows. I hope you enjoy the site.

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