Airbrushing for Modelers 101

Choosing the Right Airbrush for Scale Modeling

Airbrush Design and Function Differences

To make an intelligent decision about what airbrush would work best for building the scale models that you build, it is important to understand the design differences of the many types of airbrushes available today.  This video explains how the different airbrush designs function for different model building tasks.  In the second half of the video, I list the specific air-painting tools that I routinely use.

Paasche Model H
The Paasche model H has long been regared as a "work-horse" by many modelers. However, this video presents the design and function limitations of the Paasche Model H, in regards to producing the smoothest possible surface finish for scale models, and why it may not be the best choice.
Iwata HP-TH Review

Here is a brief look at the Iwata HP-TH and suggestions on how best to take advantages of its unique characteristics. While promoted for use with the fan cap, the TH is also supplied with a round pattern air cap that provides an extremely smooth surface finish.

Miniature Spray Guns and Large Pattern Airbrushes

This video is an overview of options for airbrushes or miniature spray guns that will extend your capability to produce an ultra smooth finish over a larger area such as 1/48 scale jets, bombers, model cars, or 1/350 and larger ships.  A good quality miniature spray gun can deliver extremely well atomized material to the surface with a minimum of overspray so that the resulting finish will exceed anything that can be achieved with a small airbrush.

Iwata LPH 80

This video explains the unique features of the Iwata LPH 80 and how to set it up. The LPH 80 uses HVLP technology to reduce overspray, fog, and bounceback, ultimately delivering the smoothest surface finish possible.

"Choosing the Right Airbrush" from Coast Airbrush
Three very informative videos, produced by Coast Airbrush, presenting all the features to look for when making an informed decision on what airbrush to purchase. Coast Airbrush is the premier airbrush retailer in the Unitied States and my first stop for anything airbrush.
Airbrushing for Modelers 101