Airbrushing for Modelers 101

Tips and Techniques for Airbrushing Scale Models

Airbrush Operating Tips
Fog, Overspray, and Bounceback

This short video ties together several concepts and common issues that prevent modelers from achieving the smoothest possible scale surface finish.

How to Apply the Smoothest Primer Coat

Because the final finish of a model can only be as smooth as what is underneath the paint, a proper primer coat is essential.  So many modelers seem to struggle with achieving smooth coats of primer with an airbrush...and many just give up and turn to an aerosol can.  In reality, with the proper airbrush and technique, you should easily be able to surpass the results from an aerosol can and in turn provide a much better surface for the subsequent color coats.  This video explains how to achieve that result.

Tips for Painting Scale Models with a Miniature Spray Gun

This video is a step-by-step on how to use a miniature spray gun and answers some of the more common questions that modelers have about their use.  It also explains the three different types of miniature spray guns and demonstrates their versatility in painting scale models.

Airbrushing for Modelers 101