Airfix Spitfire FR Mk XIV Review

Kit # A05135

Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk XIV

Spitfire Mk XIV History

The Spitfire Mk.XIV was developed to improve on the high altitude performance of the Spitfire Mk XII.  The Mk.XIV combined elements of the Mk.VIII with the new 65 series twin supercharged Rolls Royce Griffon engine.  As the airframe was developed, more and more modifications were made, such as the cutback fuselage with bubble canopy and the “E” wing which featured clipped wingtips and improved armament. The Spitfire Mk XIV could climb at over 5000 feet per minute and achieve a top speed of 446 mph.

Airfix Spitfire FR Mk XIV Video Review Series (pt 1)

Airfix Spitfire FR Mk XIV Video Review Series (pt 2)

Airfix Spitfire FR Mk XIV: A Few Fixes

The basic review of the Airfix 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk. XIV was done to show the kit as it would go together right from the box, with a minimum of cleanup or special adjustment. The review pretty much just followed the instructions.  But in this short video, I want to suggest solutions for a couple of, what I consider to be, the two significant shortcomings of the kit: the cover over the forward fuel tank and the gaps at the wing root joint.

Airfix Spitfire Mk XIV construction
Airfix Spitfire Mk.XIV kit A05135 Instruction Booklet
Airfix Spitfire Mk XIV Kit A05135 Instructions

Airfix Spitfire FR Mk XIV Conversion to Early Spitfire F Mk XiV

This video presents a simple approach to converting the Airfix Spitfire FR MK XIV kit to an earlier Spitire Mk F XIV with the more familiar Spitfire hood.

Airfix Spitfire Mk XIV conversion
airfix spitfire mk xiv conversion

Spitfire Mk XIVc Conversion

I have an additional page that presents a method of combining the Eduard Spitfire Mk VIII and Airfix FR Mk XIV that mimics the same method used by Supermarine to create the actual Spitfire Mk XIVc.  The resulting combination yields a model with much finer and more complete engraved detail than that of the Airfix kit alone. The page can be found here:

Spitfire Mk XIVc Conversion using Eduard and Airfix Kits 1
Spitfire Mk XIVc Conversion using Eduard and Airfix Kits 2

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