Armor Projects

This collection of armor projects is geared towards the construction issues associated with the basic kits.  Along the way, I hope to shed a bit of light on solutions to some of the various shortcomings that may be present in the different kits.  In my experience, all model making is an exercise in choice and compromise.  With even the best scratchbuilt models, engineering as well as artistic decisions are made as to what details to include or enhance.  With a kit, many of these decisions have already been made.  Yet, even within the framework of a kit, the builder still has a myriad of options of what to accept or change.

The models presented here are being constructed for a specific display that more represents the subjects as they might be found in the setting of a static display as opposed to a combat situation.  I offer this explanation in the introduction so that readers, whose primary interest might be in methods for adding stowage or heavy weathering, will not be disappointed.  One final caveat; by no means should any of these articles be considered definitive on their particular subject.  All models are in a scale of 1/35.